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We are regular people with ideas that are not so regular. We think that the notion of racism or ranking people along hierarchical lines has been and still is highly influenced by what one sees. White images of Jesus are ubiquitous throughout not only the United States but the world. Biblical iconography of this primarily reflecting one particular race helps to shape perceptions and influence many attitudes we have towards one another. Our goal is to work with other non-religious and secular groups to help reduce and ultimately eliminate religious iconography in the United States.

Excerpt from Holy Hierarchy...



We are a nonprofit organization seeking to eliminate public displays of religious icons in the United States. ERICA stands for Ending Religious Iconography In America. We are demanding public facilities to eliminate biblical depictions which subliminally infer supremacist and racist messages. Our team of experienced attorneys and board members will work hard to bring an end to religious iconography.

Excerpt from Holy Hierarchy...


Imagery/iconography often has a deeper effect than what is written. Imagery penetrates the mind on levels that fall below our threshold of conscious. Imagery is also effective because it allows the person viewing the image to actually create scenes in their mind. Iconography used effectively can cause people to create the scene in their own perception, thus making a connection to memories and experiences. Many images such as the classic image of "God" and of Jesus, typically are defaulted to the White race.

Excerpt from Holy Hierarchy...


We began ERICA in March of 2021 and it is our full time job to bring attention to the deep implications and subtle notions of superiority and inferiority that are so often based upon what one sees.


We are based in Stone Mountain, Georgia in the United States of America.



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